CREU Progress Report: Week of 10/30/17

Work accomplished: I had the opportunity to attend SOSP in Shanghai this week. This was the first systems conference I attended. I went to a lot of talks about cutting edge work in systems, and I also got to meet a lot of really interesting people in the systems community. This prevented me from making as much progress on the proof as I would have liked. However, I managed to work on it for a few hours on the plane, but ended up running into issues regarding the formulation of part of the problem. I intend to bring this up during our next research meeting to see what the other members in the group think about the issue, and brainstorm solutions. 

Goals: My primary objective for next week is to resolve the issue that I'm seeing with the formulation of the proof. I think that this will be a doable upon discussion with the rest of my research group.

Outcomes: Since I went to SOSP, I wasn't able to get the outcomes I wanted (namely, to finish the proof) but I think that I will able to do this within the next week, because this is the only obstacle I have remaining.