CREU Progress Report: Week of 10/23/17

Work accomplished: This week, my research group met and discussed the other issues with the proof that I was running into. This time, they were related to ensuring that the max-flow found by our algorithm was created by the maximum number of users. This meant that instead of using the regular max-flow algorithm, we would have to use the min-cost max-flow algorithm. During this meeting, Lloyd also gave updates regarding the implementation of the system. He also made a significant amount of progress since the last time that we had met. 

Goal: Our research goal for the next few weeks is the same as it was in the past week: to finish the implementation of the system, and to finish writing the proof, and address any other issues that arise in the process. 

Outcomes: Similarly to last week, we succeeded in making progress in both the proof and the implementation of our system. This process has allowed us to more deeply understand our solution to the problem.