about me

In December 2017, I completed my undergraduate degree in Computer Science at Cornell University’s College of Engineering. I spent the first half of 2018 at Microsoft Research in Cambridge, U.K, where I was a part of the Cloud Infrastructure team.  As of August 2018,  I have relocated to the other Cambridge to begin grad school at MIT (EECS PhD program).

My research interests encompass distributed systems, operating systems,  networking, and security. During my time at Cornell, I explored the implications of resource disaggregation in the cloud,  worked on a distributed execution engine for machine learning (as an intern at UC Berkeley’s RISELab), and investigated the effects of low precision arithmetic and variance reduction on the performance and hardware efficiency of stochastic gradient descent.  At Microsoft Research, I worked as a networking intern on layer three of  Project Sirius,  and as a deep learning intern on Project Silica.