Alana Marzoev

Hello! I'm Alana.

As of winter 2017, I have completed my undergraduate studies at Cornell University's College of Engineering, where I majored in computer science. This spring, you will be able to find me in Cambridge, U.K., where I will be prototyping the forwarding plane of a new all-optical network architecture at Microsoft Research. In the fall, I'll be starting grad school at MIT (EECS Ph.D. program). 

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At Cornell, I kept myself busy by working on a myriad of different projects, including improving the hardware efficiency of stochastic gradient descent, designing approximately fair cache allocation policies, and exploring the feasibility of disaggregated datacenter architectures. I also dabbled in mechanical engineering, spending a year leading a team of 50 engineers working  to build a hyperloop pod prototype for SpaceX's Hyperloop Pod Design competition.


In my free time, I enjoy hunting for the perfect cup of coffee, listening to podcasts, long distance running, and kickboxing.


My research interests lie in computer systems, large-scale data processing, and networking.