CREU Progress Report: Week of November 7th, 2017

Work accomplished: This week, I continued to work on the proof of our new shared cache allocation policy. We had a project group meeting at the end of last week, and during this meeting I got a chance to describe some of the algorithmic issues that I was running into, and brainstorm solutions to them with my group members. Through this process, I was able to resolve some of the issues that I was running into. I left the meeting with new material to work with in writing the proof, but when I continued to work on it, more issues came up that I hadn't seen before. I hope to solve these issues this week. 

Goals: As in prior weeks, my primary goals for the next week are to resolve any lingering issues that I am seeing with the proof, so that we have concrete algorithmic results. This has been a nontrivial process. I also plan to take steps to make these blog posts more comprehensive so as to better document our research groups's progress on this project. 

Outcomes: Progress is being made on the algorithmic component of this project. Lloyd has also made progress on the actual baseline implementation of our system, and has started to run experiments. 

Alana Marzoev