CREU Progress Report: Week of 11/28/17

Work Accomplished: This week, I met with Lloyd for a few hours and we discussed the primary takeaways and insights that we made as the result of our research work this semester. We also discussed a new potential modification to our algorithm that I had been thinking about, as well as next steps for our project. Using this information, we outlined what our end of semester report would look like, and made plans to work on the different components of it in our own time. We plan to do the majority of this report this week. I have also been working on grad school applications.

Goals: Our primary goal for this week is to complete the majority of our end of semester report, so that we won't have to worry about it next week (which is the starting point of our finals period).

Outcomes: This has been a productive week in terms of total work accomplished, and we have tangible next steps to complete, which will lead to more productivity over the next week.